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Student Alumni Mentorship Program (S.A.M.)

Student Alumni Mentorship

30 Minute Mentors

This program gives a current UCR Student the opportunity to connect with an Alumnus already working in the industry they are interested in pursuing and/or an Alumnus who studied the same things while attending UCR. This meeting can take place over the phone, through a video conference call, by email or in person.

Alumni Mentors:
As a mentor you are a guide and resource who will share your academic and professional experience to help current highlander students build success at UCR and prepare to launch their careers.

Your conversation shows students how to make professional contacts, explore different professional paths, and evaluate internship and career choices.

Alumni mentors set the tone for a comfortable, respectful, and open-minded conversation that will be mutually beneficial for both parties. Mentors benefit by refining your coaching skills, expanding your professional network, and learning about the current UCR campus climate and student population.

Interested in volunteering? Register to become an Alumni Mentor here:

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Student Mentees:
This is a great opportunity to gain a professional's perspective outside of the classroom. Students are expected to make the first contact with their selected mentor within 5 business days by sending an introductory email. Then remain professional throughout your conversation by approaching the mentoring session with an open mind, professionalism and respect. 

Interested in pursing a certain career or seeing where you can go with your major? Sign up here:

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