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We offer the following programs:

Student Alumni Mentorship Program (SAM)

Students interested in learning more about a specific career are matched with a UCR alum in that field. The mentoring relationship will give students an opportunity to gain valuable career insight as they prepare for their professional future.

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Dinner with Alumni

Dinners with Alumni (DWA)

Informal gatherings where members break bread with alumni and gain valuable insight into specific careers.
* Sports: November 7, 2018
* Engineering: February 28, 2019
* Psychology: April 16, 2019
* Public Policy: May 2, 2019





Career Conferences

Conferences in Health & Medicine, Business, and Women's Leadership that allow students to ask alumni questions about their potential careers. All conferences are $25.00 for UCR Students and include a networking luncheon. 2017-18 Conference Schedule:
* Health & Medicine: October 27, 2018
* Business: January 26, 2019
* Women's Leadership: March 9, 2019

We <3 Donors

Donor Appreciation Week

If you're a UCR student, your education has been made possible by philanthropy. Whether it's through student scholarships, lab equipment, or building renovations, donors have made it possible for you to learn. Visit our Donor Appreciation Week website for more info on how SAA works to educate the campus about UCR's tradition of giving. February 12-14, 2018

Highlander Day of Service 

Hosted in the spring quarter, Highlander Day of Service pays homage to UC Riverside’s national recognition as a leader in community service. Alumni, students, parents, and friends of UCR are all invited to participate. Groups participating in these events can be large or small—even one person counts! The Alumni Association will assist organizers in advertising to other alumni in their areas. Organizers are responsible for determining a project, and communicating with volunteers who have signed up to participate. April 13, 2019


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