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By participating as an SAA Affiliate you get simple rewards

The Student Alumni Association invites you to become an SAA Affiliate. Earn points by engaging with the Student Alumni Association. Exchange these points to get ahead in your career and win some great prizes along the way!

How to get points:

  • Attend or participate in a free SAA event (Fundraiser, General Board Meeting, Student Alumni Mentorship Program) - 2 Points

  • Attend a paid SAA even (Dinner with Alumni or Career Conference) - 3 Points

  • Post a picture on your social media with #UCRSAA - 1 Point

  • Recommended SAA to a friend (who then signed up for the affiliates email list) - 1 Point

  • Follow one of our social media accounts - 1 Point

  • Help SAA set up for an event  - 1 point 

Once you've completed one of the items above, log you points by clicking the link below:

Affiliates Form



Points Value
SAA Swag 5 Points
Priority Matching for SAA's Student Alumni Mentorship Program 8 Points 
Free Admission to Dinner with Alumni or Career Conference  10

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